Juni 2012

Rothgordt & Cie. unterstützt Chequers Capital als Commercial Advisor beim Erwerb der Mehrheitsbeteiligung der Metabowerke GmbH.

We are pleased to inform you that Rothgordt & Cie. acted as commercial advisor to Chequers Capital on acquiring a majority share in Metabowerke GmbH.

Metabowerke GmbH in Nürtingen is a traditional manufacturer of power tools for professional users. Under the Metabo brand name, the full range manufacturing of tools is offered in particular for the Metal and Construction trades as well as for Outdoor and Garden use. Founded in 1924 in Nürtingen, Germany, Metabo produces both at their headquarters in Nürtingen as well as in Shanghai, China. 24 sales companies and in excess of 100 importers secure the international presence of the company. Some 1,700 people work for Metabo around the world. In 2011, they achieved a predicted turnover of 341 million euros.

With financial resources of €1 billion at its disposal, Chequers Capital invests in companies with an enterprise value of between €30 million and €500 million. Investments cover all sectors of industry, distribution and services, in France and Europe. Chequers Capital has carried out more than 250 transactions as a majority or minority shareholder, each one of which illustrates its expertise in the following five areas: strengthening of capital, restructuring of shareholding, LBO & MBO, turnaround and spin-off.